HIGH SEASON (November - April)
Monday - Sunday lunch from 11:30 am - 8 pm

LOW SEASON (May - October)
Monday - Sunday lunch from 11:00 am - 4:00 pm (last order at 3:30 pm)

Location:  east coast - Bathsheba, St. Joseph

Insider Tip:

We love the macaroni pie here and the drinks are great.

A couple of years back we discovered what the locals already had been enjoying.  This is set at the edge of the sea by Martins Bay on the east coast. There are picnic tables and people everywhere. Also you will find chickens and roosters roaming the area.  It really is a unique experience.

They open around 10 and most locals stay until 4 pm or so.  There’s a system here — you buy your rum or beer in the main building then wind your way around the corner to the back to order your food.  You order first - baked pork or fried whole snapper or fried swordfish and the like (chicken is also available); then give your name, then go back to pay and eventually your food is ready. 

It is such fun eating with the locals in such a beautiful, casual setting.

Browne's Gap, Rockley, Christ Church

Open Tuesday - Saturday at 6pm
Closed Sundays & Mondays
 - they are a small but busy place so reservations are a must.

​Phone:  (246) 228-8855


Open daily 9 to 5 - 6:30

Located across from The Crane in St. Peter parish 


This is a Bajan fish shack located in Hastings, Barbados on Carlisle Bay south coast  -- Pebbles Beach area.  Great, inexpensive cutters - my husband enjoyed the delicious fish cutter and I had ham and egg cutter.  Both were fantastic.  It’s rated #1 on TripAdvisor.



This is a fabulous place owned and operated by Roger Goddard, a Barbadian who lived in San Francisco for many years.  Painted bright yellow and right on the main road (so you can't miss it!) Cutters is a unique blend of service and food quality, combined with the Bajan experience.  Described as a deli and general store, open since 2006, Cutters has continually changed their offerings based on customer preferences.  You can take your selection away with you, or sit on the veranda outside and enjoy delicious sandwiches, pizza, fresh coffee, and smoothies, plus an ever-changing specials menu.  Open for breakfast and lunch daily, except Tuesday.  This is located very near The Crane.  


Ermy Bourne Hwy, Windy Hill, St. Andrew

Open 8 am to 4 pm daily

Phone:  (246) 422-9427

It is a real home-styled restaurant, the portions given are pleasing to both the eye and the stomach. They serve home-style Bajan cuisine -- rice & pease, baked meats, flying fish, and macaroni pie.  They also serve beef stew, salads, and burgers plus there are daily specials based on the fresh ingredients the cook has.  Some island tours have their lunch stop here - I know Glory Tours is a frequent visitor.

An upscale rum shop in a chattel house inland in Christ Church. Inexpensive but good Bajan food and a full bar.  Locals and tourists enjoy.  They opened in 2007.

THE ROUND HOUSE:  Located in historic Bathsheba on the rugged east coast of Barbados, Round House has been a popular destination for locals and visitors alike for over 100 years.  You get to watch the surfers at Bathsheba while you enjoy your food and drink.

My husband, George, at an inside table at The Round House

Insider Tip:

We've been here on the deck on Sunday afternoon and they have entertainment too so you may want to try it out.