There are a few restaurants that I love to visit each trip.  Recently a few closed due to economic conditions. Those closed restaurants include:  Cin Cin, Primo and Hugo's.

Those still open include:   The Tides, Champers, Naru, Tapas, and The View at North Point. I will start by highlighting these but will also include many more great island restaurants to fit all price ranges.

There is an abundance of fine restaurants in Barbados that offer local cuisine, seafood, and continental cuisine.  The wide range of dining options ensures that there is something to suit every taste and budget.  By day informal attire is acceptable in most Barbados restaurants, but at night a more formal dress code is enforced.  It is also recommended that dinner reservations be made in advance, especially during the winter.  


Insider Tip:

In all seasons, if there are restaurants you definitely want to enjoy, make a reservation way in advance to insure you get the seating area you prefer.  

Also something to be aware of - at the end of the meal, most high-end restaurants

do not immediately bring your check.  They are polite and don't want to rush you.  So when you are ready to leave, it's ok to tell them you would like your check or you may find yourself waiting a very long time thinking it's on the way.

Also, if you mention Barbados Tips (and Lois Swanson), some restaurants may do something special for you.