I highly recommend any of the Massy Stores on the island (formerly Supercentre) which I feel are the best (this includes the Big B on the south coast on Rendezvous Road).  Go to this website for the Massy Stores website:

For an interesting article on 20 top foods in Barbados not to miss, check out

On their site you can get idea of prices.  Remember, divide everything in 1/2 as for every 1 Barbados Dollar it is only 50 cents US.  You can go to various categories on the left side of the page to see pricing.  They are open Mon. - Sat. 8 am until 9 pm;  On Sunday they are open from 9 am until 2 pm.  They offer transportation back to where you are staying.


A great tool for advance planning is GOOGLE MAPS.  In the “Search Maps” area put in Barbados.  Then do “Get Directions”.  For most places when you enter where you are coming from, if you need to word it differently, it comes up with options.  This is very helpful.  Here is a link:,-81.3454415,15z

Also, the map included in the BARBADOS IN A NUTSHELL publication.  I feel is the best island map.  It is FREE -- you can pick it up around the island, and when you arrive in Barbados, before you go through customs, go up to the Tourist Board window and ask for one.  Also the Barbados Holiday Map (also free) is good.


This is an alternative to Five Star Fasttrak.  Tried this on our visit a few years back:  Plantinum Arrival Service from Platinum Services.  Check out their site at:  

In addition to arrival services they provide departure services, bodyguard services, luxury car and limo transfers, intransit services, and even event services.
For $60 US each, we were met outside of the arrival hall by a concierge person assigned to us.  She held a sign with our name.  Immediately she took us into the arrival hall which was very full, and whisked us through a private line where we were immediately processed through customs.  She also assisted with our baggage and we were quickly through Customs and on our way to our villa in Barbados.  For anyone who hates waiting in long lines, this service is a definite must.