WEST COAST:  Generally the beaches on the West coast are the calmest, but good, safe, quiet swimming is available in the many tranquil bays along the South West and the South that touch the Caribbean Sea. If you like calm waters with a soft sandy bottom, then the West Coast is probably the best of these conditions, but seasonal variations can cause things to change.

The beach by Sandy Lane One has an access walkway to the beach -- very nice water (no facilities), although there is a beach shower as you approach the beach.

​Mullins Beach, farther up the west coast, is excellent and has a a beach bar there and rental equipment.  Jet skis are available to rent in this area and usually someone offers glass bottom boat rides.

Batts Rock Bay has vehicular access. You can swim, snorkel, or just relax on the beautiful beach!  Watersports are popular.

Fitts Village. Snorkel and swim here. There are restaurants and  bars on the beach.
Paynes Bay is where you will find many luxury hotels including Sandy Lane, resorts, and villas. This area is where you will find turtles when you swim out a bit.

Maycocks Bay - here you will find Barry's Surf School. This is in northwest Barbados.


Here you will find gentle waves for body surfing and tumbling in the water. There are rollers for surfing with buggy boards and surfboards and some of the best windsurfing in the world. Annual surfing competitions and international surfing meets are held on both the South and East Coasts.

Carlisle Bay is a crescent-shaped bay and natural harbour on the west coast of Barbados.  As the main harbour adjoining the capital city Bridgetown, Carlisle Bay was once full of merchant vessels, particularly those of the British. Today you'll find catamarans and luxury yachts anchored here.  This is our favorite beach with calm waters.  You can even find turtles swimming in the shallow areas.

​Maxwell Beach.  This area is a mix of residences and hotels.  Stronger waves here.
Dover Beach, good swimming. 

St. Lawrence Gap, (The Gap) A popular place! You can find nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and accommodations.

Worthing Beach, a great place to swim, as well as for watersports. It also has changing facilities.

Accra-Rockley Beach has lifeguards on duty. Good for surfing. 

Mullins Beach

Carlisle Bay

Long Beach (kite surfing)

Little Bay


Heywoods Beach, for swimming, snorkeling, or doing nothing!  We have now reached the North Point of Barbados, in the Parish of St. Lucy, and will head south on the east coast, to St. Phillip Parish .....

St. Lucy:
Maycock's Bay, great area for surfing.

River Bay offers shower and change facilities. Vehicles are permitted. You should not swim here as you are on the Atlantic side of the island.  Just enjoy the view!

Little Bay - enjoy seeing the spectacular blow holes in this area.


Long Beach, near the international airport, has a good beach for surfing and kite surfing.  Also in this area is Silver Sands.  This area is a popular choice for those wanting to surf and kite-surf.


Please note that many east coast beaches, while spectacular, also have strong undertows so you need to be extremely careful.  See photos below.

St. John:
Bath Beach for surfing and swimming. 
St. Philip:
Bottom Bay, a combination of cliffs, trees, and beach. It's not a great place to swim due to strong undertow.  Also in this area is Harrismith Beach.  

Ginger Bay, pretty beach with trees and caves, however swimming is dangerous.

Crane Beach, good for boarders and swimmers. Very strong undertow here.

Foul Bay, good for boarders. There's vehicular access. 

Paynes Bay

Harrismith Beach

Insider Tip:

Be careful on all of the beaches. Never wander beaches after dark, and don't go on deserted beaches - there have been some muggings, so better safe than sorry.  Daylight and beaches that are not secluded are the best.

Bath Beach

Crane Beach

River Bay - St. Lucy

Heywood's Beach

Silver Sands area

Foul Bay